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Get your website migrated from anywhere to Hostr.

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What makes our Migration hassle-free?

Enjoy peace of mind with Hostr Migration service.
Almost 0% downtime on your website while your website is being migrated.

Initiate with Ticket

Get migration service with a single ticket hassle-free. You'll be kept updated with the progress of the migration.

24/7 Tech Support

If you need support at any moment, we are here 24/7 to help you out. You are never alone because we are always at your service.

Migration in 24hrs

Support team at your service 24/7 so that you don't need to wait long for migration to be completed. Get migration done within 24hrs.

Backed by Professionals

Our team consist of hosting professionals which are trained to help out in any conditions. Your website is our responsibility.

From any server to any server, at any moment

No migration is hard for our Migration team. Our team has migrated 10,000+ websites having data of 8TB+ without any issues. With the Migration experts, we can assure that our migration service is 100% safe with almost 0% downtime.

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Hostr Migration Service
Hostr Migration Service

Ensuring no data loss because of migration

With the level of experience of our Migration experts, we can assure that there will be no data loss while migration as our team will always try to migrate 100% data. We always create a backup on your hosting account before starting with the migration service.

Shared hosting Plans

24/7 Expert Level Support

We understand the need of support when website is not working as expected. Hence, our Expert level hosting support team is always at your service 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered questions which are frequently asked to us. If don't find your answer below or Still have questions, Contact us and we will answer it as soon as possible.

If you are a Hostr customer, you may be eligible for a free migration service from any hosting provider to us. Please create a support ticket to check if you are eligible. (If you are not a Hostr customer, the migration service will be chargable. Please create a support ticket to get quotation).

Website is normally migrated within 24hrs. However it depends upon the complexity of the migration. To get an ETA, please create a ticket and we'll be happy to provide you the time-frame.

At Hostr, migration is safe because we create backups to ensure we can revert the changes if there are any issues post-migration.

Downtimes are avoided by our migration experts 99% of times. However, there is 1% chance of downtime if there will be any complexity while migration.
We always try our best to keep the downtime minimal in such 1% cases.

You'll need to create a Support ticket in order to request a migration service.

You'll be requested to provide the details once you have created a ticket. The details we need will be mentioned in the ticket.

Once the migration is compeleted, DNS records needs to be updated in order to make your website Live from new server. We'll provide you the details in the ticket.

No worries. If you are getting any issues because of migration, we'll help you out with that. Please reply to the ticket from which migration request was initiated or create a new ticket mentioning the old ticket number in it.

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